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Mission & Goals

The Proactive Alliance is striving to reach a cross sectoral harmonization on how to report on Substances in Articles along the supply chain on a global level.

This will eventually result in the following benefits:

  • to be compliant, today and tomorrow, concerning future legal requirements
  • to meet existing supply chain and consumer information requirements under Art. 33 (1)/(2) REACH
  • to save costs from effective communication systems
  • to reduce the burden on supply chain actors by means of an inter-sector cooperation based on common agreement

Outcome of the Proactive Alliance will be a policy document with recommendations from several industries for a global standard to report on Substances in Articles along the supply chains. We intend to propose criteria and technical details for such a standard, in particular in terms of data generation and collection (i.e. data quality, reliability, comprehensiveness and exchange formats as well as basic rules governing data protection and security) and in terms of the development and maintenance of Restricted Substance Lists. In contrast, the recommendations will not address disclosure of data to third parties.

A Mission Charter documents Proactive Alliance's motivation and objectives.